The Leadership curriculum for Penny’s Camp is written specifically for students participating in band who would like to acquire the skills of a successful leader. Section Leaders, Band Officers, and any Band or Guard member interested in learning these Leadership skills are encouraged to participate in this course.

  • Expectations of a Student Leader in the Band
  • Communicating with the Band Director
  • Developing your Personal Strengths
  • Basic teaching Procedures – in the band room/ on the field
  • Importance of Goal Setting
  • Leaders must be Prepared, Dependable, and Responsible
  • Building your own Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Learning Motivational and People-Management skills
  • Leader’s good Attitude and Enthusiasm is contagious
  • Good Leadership is built on Integrity and Honesty

The course is set-up in a classroom atmosphere where the students participate in role playingskits, and group discussions. Through these discussions the students learn about the strengths of other band programs and learn new ideas for their own band. They also hear student leaders discuss their successes and failures and are able to pull from these experiences as they become student leaders. Each student is given a handbook which covers the subjects taught at camp and is a valuable tool for the student leader. Leadership Medals and Trophies are awarded to outstanding Leadership Campers at the end-of-camp program on Wednesday at 2:00 in McArthur Gymnasium. Friends and parents are invited to attend this ending program.


  • Dr. David Hedgecoth, Ohio State University Music Education Faculty
  • Mr. PL Malcolm, Seminole HS (Seminole County) Director of Bands
  • Mr. Jon Sever, Bloomingdale HSDirector of Bands